What will you do?

You are an incredible employee. You come in every day on time, ready to work. Sometimes you work through lunch. At least twice a month you saunter in on a Saturday in your sweats. Just so you can answer emails and blare music through your headphones…alone. You create the world’s best spreadsheets and know the procedure for every single imaginable type of issue that might happen in your department. No workaround is safe from your creative and imaginative mind.
You are a keyholder. You have the most important position in the company. Even if you are a mid-level manager now, you are going to move up. You will move up in the company and create a level of achievement for yourself that no one has seen. No one would have guessed when you started this job that you would have achieved this irreplaceable status. Truly, you are a person to be envied by every single new employee who dared grace your department floor.
People from all departments come to you and ask for advice, tricks and tips for the ERP system that is more than likely old and out of date. People know that you know how to get into Jerry’s old files form 1992 when he left for a “better opportunity”. You did no leave. Your loyalty never wavered in the face of booming economies and competitor offers. Your fortitude and job security are wrapped up in one giant burrito of 401K matches and 4 weeks of accrued unused vacation. There are papers on your desk you filed 8 years ago and you know exactly where they are and what they are. In an emergency, you can pull one out and save the day, the month, the year for the company.
You are the keyholder. I said this once, but now I want to explain. You are the keyholder of tribal knowledge. You have been there through passing presidents and burgeoning CEO’s. You have seen the carpet changed at least once, and made it through the deaths of 3 coffeemakers and one lost rodent. You are the type of employee every single HR manager wishes they were hiring every single time. You don’t ask for a lot of money, you take your raises and pay the healthcare premium increases without batting an eye. Your lack of vacation taking makes you one heck of a team player.
You are the keyholder. You have all the knowledge. You have made yourself indispensable. Layoffs come and go, you stay. Not just because you never begged for a big raise, but because you were smart. You were quiet, you were a miracle worker when one was needed. Heck, now, if needed you ARE a miracle worker.
Who else is there? What really needs to change?
Nothing, right?
If you do not have a back-up plan you are not a very good employee after all. As a matter of fact you are a complete disaster waiting to happen. You are the keyholder. You hold all the knowledge. The problem is, you are also (more than likely) a human. If you are a human, and if you are a keyholder than there is a chance (a high one) that at some point you will have a problem that you cannot ignore.
You will age out and eventually want to retire. A family member may need you to become a full time care giver. You may need to move to be closer to a sick or needy family member. You may get sick, or worse, you may die. Unfortunately, if you are reading this and you are a human, than the reality is, you will in fact die. Problem with death is, you will never ever know when it is going to happen unless you are extremely lucky.
So what happens to you if you get “hit by a bus” as they say. You die, your family mourns, the world moves on. (frank but true)
So what happens if you get “hit by a bus” as they say…to your company. You die, your family mourns, your co-workers cry, they leave your desk for a month, they rifle through it, they replace you, the new person trashes all your things that are left, and they dust off and go on. However, do they do this well? No. If you go back through all the sacrifices you have made for your company all these years, one would think (and rightly so) that you care about your company almost more than you care for yourself. You care so much you don’t take care of yourself or your family a lot of the time. You don’t take vacation, sick days, or Saturdays. You are there, eating it up. Selfishly taking the life blood of the company with you.
There needs to be a plan. This is NOT an easy plan because it may take 4 people to replace you. As nice as that is on your ego, that is NOT nice on the company. Your “bus” incident could take the company years to recover from. Lost data, Jerry’s files that no one knows how to access, the new person trashed those miracle papers on the corner of your desk…I mean this is serious.
Why are you stealing from the company? The very company that you so dearly love and gave up a decade (or more) to work for….
I implore you to dig into your soul and find out why this happened, and how to move forward. We have an entire support program that can help dig you out of the hole that has been created. Not only for you but for any other humans that you may have working for your company. Word is; none of us are safe from the end of life or tragedy that may require our unending attention. Worse than that, you may decide to think of yourself and spend your golden years on a beach or climbing mountains or traveling around in an RV.
So here are some things you can do to be proactive. For one, there are assessments that can be given to current employees and new ones too, that will identify the following:
·       The depth of talent in your organization by taking a ‘people centric’ approach – who can move up 2 or 3 positions over the next 3 to 5 years.
·       A stable line of succession by taking also a more ‘position centric’ approach to identifying potential successors.
·       Distinguish from those positions, locations, or customers that are considered ‘key and critical’.
·       Enhance bench strength, baseline for current talent and retention strategy to meet strategic initiatives and long- term competitiveness.
·       Build a leadership workforce with the right leadership talent in the pipeline with a few questions:
o   How do we identify the next generation of leadership?
o   Do we need to worry about our leadership talent?
o   What qualities should we look for in our future leadership?
o   Do we need to grow our own leaders?
Just think, there is an island full of margaritas and beach chairs waiting for you….
Are you ready?
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If you love your company…then let’s do this.

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