Jill Gawrych, Senior Manager-HR

Supply Chain & Operations Support

This simulation was both educational and fun. With my team of fellow HR professionals, we were able to gain a better understanding of cost of sales, parables, operation expenses and other accounting practices all while coming together as a team. Definitely a worthwhile experience!

Pam Hess, Director, Human Resources

Revere Electric Supply

Talent Reality is a great hands on tool to help Human Resources professionals see the impact of Talent Acquisition decisions on the business bottom line. I highly Recommend it!



Starlene Tegalado, PHR, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Manager

Attending the Talent Reality 101 session sponsored by my local HR chapter was a pleasure. The first half of the session was presented with energy and enthusiasm which was well received by me and those at my table.
The second half of the session was very interactive allowing for hands on experience and collaboration with my table team members. We were task with real life business choices which would make or break our business empire. This part of the session expanded my knowledge on business tactics by viewing budgets, monitoring staff utilization, and identification of SWOT and being aware of outside business competition which all can impact company businesses.
This was very energetic, interactive learning experience and one I would highly recommend to my colleagues.

Joe Sabatino  Director of Logistics

Independent Electric Supply, Inc

I have been in the electrical wholesale distribution industry for 27+ years and have participated in a number of training classes/workshops. I thought the ‘Pricing and Business Simulation’ training I recently attended was excellent. The lesson(s), the cash flow cycle and evaluating an entity’s operating performance (EBIT), took me several years to truly understand in a practical sense. For the most part, I learned it on my own. I wish I had the opportunity to participate in a class like this 20+ years ago. I think it is great that all levels of employees had the opportunity to participate. Not all participants may realize how invaluable this training is/was. For some it may have an immediate impact. I also love how it was tailored it to the wholesale distribution industry and IES. I enjoyed watching others, inspired and motivated to do their best, and watching the light bulb go off. This was so well done! Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

Darrell Smith, President  - IAC Supply Solutions

“Business Reality 201 Distribution Sales Simulation was an effective program for IAC. It was thought provoking, fun and very interactive! Our team came away with an entirely new perspective on the impact even “small leaks in the bucket” can have on our bottom line. It clearly illuminated all the “moving parts” of our company. You and Gary did a great job – THANKS!

Paul Ray, President - ILMOR Engineering, Inc.

Where the simulation stood out is showing us clearly how valuable a focused effort on company-wide planning and execution can be to our business.

Mike Smith, VP of Sales - IDEAL Supply, Inc.

It is a skill to put yourself in another's perspective and our goal was to enhance this still across the leaders of these teams. With your interactive, fast paced simulation session, we not only met but exceeded our goal.

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