Start the Day

We start the day discussing the issues that happen within all the departments in your organization. This will focus on Human Capital and Net Profit.

  • What issues do they have?
  • How do they solve them?
  • What would they do different in a perfect world?

Teams of 4 are created and they ‘act’ as the Management team for their simulated company.


We will learn HOW to play through a round or two of Talent Reality 101 by understanding all the parts to a business. Most of the time we as employees get bogged down in our own departments and roles. This will deepen their understanding of what being a business really means.

As managers, they are responsible for running all aspects of the business; including payroll, supply-chain, efficiency investment and on-boarding of new employees and scheduling employee work flow.

Financial Success

We take the time to explain and in great detail on a step by step level how each employee hired, fired, outsourced, overworked, underpaid, overpaid, or any other of multiple human capital issues. Each team will have an opportunity to do a SWOT analysis of their business.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Net Profitability
  • Problems & Solutions
  • Fun & Competitive Atmosphere

Additionally, they also run full income statements and balance sheets. as a team.

Why is Talent Reality Important?

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is getting your employees to understand HOW and WHY your business works. Not just how it makes money, but why it earns profits and how important they are to driving overall corporate success. Engaging the workforce and optimizing their efforts allows the company to drive a better customer experience while reducing costs and maximizing profits.

Over 6000 participants have engaged in Talent Reality 101.

  • Elevate talent management
  • Optimizing your workforce through employee engagement
  • Providing a better customer experience
  • Enhancing your employee's business and financial acumen
  • Reduce costs and maximizing profits
  • Refine management and supervisory skills to build for the future
  • SHRM/HRCI certification and recertification - business and financial acumen

Darrell Smith, President IAC Supply

Business Reality 201 Distribution Sales Simulation was effective program for IAC. It was thought provoking, fun, and very interactive. Our team came away with an entirely new perspective on the impact even "small leaks in the bucket: can have on your bottom line. It clearly illuminated all the  moving parts of our company. Great Job! THANKS