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Succession Planning

Why Do I need it?

  • This is only for company's who have employees and are interested in complete future growth and expansion

What Does it Do?

  • Identifies the ‘right people, for the right jobs, in the right amount of time' with no investment in any software required

How Does it Work?

3 Steps for Success:

  1. Identify the depth of talent in your organization by taking a ‘people centric’ approach – who can move up 2 or 3 positions over the next 3 to 5 years.

        2. Recognize a stable line of succession by taking a position centric’ approach to identifying potential successors.

            3. Distinguish between KEY and CRITICAL positions, locations, and customers.

What are the Results?

• Enhance bench strength, baseline for current talent and retention strategy to meet strategic initiatives and long- term competitiveness

• Build a leadership workforce with the right leadership talent in the pipeline with a few questions:

- How do we identify the next generation of  leadership?

- Do we need to worry about our leadership talent?

- What qualities should we look for in our future leadership?

- Do we need to grow our own leaders?

If you are ready, we will help you develop a succession planning initiative and answer the above questions about the future leadership of your organization alignment and integration of culture and leadership development. A succession planning process that will ench strength, provide an objective baseline measure of current talent, define development needs to meet strategic initiatives, support a long-term retention strategy and long-term competitiveness.

Let us work with you using our approach to build a leadership workforce with the right leadership

talent in the pipeline, which is critical for strengthening your relationship with your people in a sustainable process.

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