Businesses are complex systems with many moving parts managed by a collection of people with individual needs and aspirations. The people at BMIGC are equipped with Assessments, Training, and the Experience to guide your team to continued success.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching begins with the managers of the functional areas, the processes that connect these areas, and the performance metrics that define organizational goals.

  • Do the managers understand their responsibilities and are they trained and supported to deliver them?
  • Do they understand how to communicate with and gain commitment to organization goals from their respective teams?
  • Do they understand and are they committed to making the workplace safe and challenging for all participants?

The answers to these questions provide a blueprint to coach the business.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is directed toward the senior leadership team not just the chief executive. Execution of the strategic plan is a collaborative effort of the senior executives.

  • Creating the vision
  • Assigning responsibility
  • Executing strategy
  • Define a leadership mindset

The Executive Coach is a driving force behind maximizing the potential of business leaders through continuous growth in core their competencies. That is how we will help your executives become builders of Net Profit every day with every decision.

Employee or Person-

Strategic Sales Coaching

When selling in a simple transactional environment, the best approach to developing strategy is to isolate those strategies that work and then teach people when to use which ones. However, in a more complex marketplace, this strategy doesn't always work.

Therefore, sales people must know how to critically analyze an opportunity and their managers must know how to challenge the thinking of their sales rep in order to help them formulate and execute the right strategy

A person’s best efforts often come when he is pushed outside of his comfort zone. We want to help your sales team break through mental and physical barriers in order to achieve victory.

  • Strategic opportunity planning
  • Target Planning
  • Developing Strategies
  • Find out the correct questions to ask and when to ask them

Don't just Lead, Coach:

We will help your teams become real leaders and coaches that perform, outsell and focus on net profit. Contact us today.