Talent Reality 101 is just a piece of the puzzle. Do not think this is just a workshop, this is a fully inclusive holistic program.

We will step your company through the process of:

Team Building, Individual Coaching, Call Reluctance, Sales Team Building, and Succession Planning.

Talent Reality 101

Start with Talent Reality 101. Communication and Financial Understanding are the keys to this program. Talent Reality 101 will open communications and create relationships. This workshop allows your employees to physically observe profit growth and loss due to the impacts of positive human capital utilization.

Coaching & Skill Building

Coaching is a process that starts with us helping your team members understand their roles, their total dollar impact, and grow professional efficiency. We partner with you and your employees to set short and long term goals to further advance their careers and your net profit.

Employee Under-utlization

Have a bunch of great employees, keep hiring more people but need to save cash? We can identify people in your company that are being under utilized and help you get them producing in a way that fills the cash flow leak. Assessments, coaching, and more. Stop throwing bad money after good...let's chat.

High Impact Team Building

We grow your management teams into hot, efficient, producing, assets to your bottom line.





Sucession Planning

Most company's get so busy hiring, growing, and worrying about net profit, they forget about tomorrow.

• Identify the depth of talent in your organization by taking a ‘people centric’ approach – who can move up 2 or 3 positions over the next 3 to 5 years

• Recognize a stable line of succession by taking also a more ‘position centric’ approach to identifying potential successors

• Distinguish from those positions, locations, or customers that are considered ‘key and critical’

• Enhance bench strength, baseline for current talent and retention strategy to meet strategic initiatives and long- term competitiveness

Business Reality 102

A follow up to Talent Reality. This workshop is sales and operations professionals that directly impacts cash flow, margins and profitability. We cover:

  • Pricing Discipline
  • Effectively Managing Assets
  • Impact of Ecommerce on Profitability
  • Selling at Higher Margins
  • Driving Higher EBIT Dollars
  • Tactical Selling

This is an intensive business program that shows the effect of sales on the entire organization not just commission checks.