How Does Talent Reality 101 Work?

Talent Reality 101 not a stand-alone event. When used appropriately it becomes a learning platform that exposes your employees, managers and supervisors to the financial ramifications of most of the activities they are engaged in.

This program is a tool that will lead your team and give them the ability to understand where the gaps are in their development and what kinds of soft skill and leadership goals need to be realized. This is the best way to assure that everyone becomes the most optimal for their career and your company.

6 Steps to an Engaged Workforce

Talent Reality 101: ‘Linking People to Profits’, isn’t just a business simulation. It’s the launching pad for taking the human capital in your business from people working in silos to having high employee engagement and an optimized workforce.


Below we have outlined how this process works:

Step 1:   Talent Reality 101: Linking People to Profits

Step 2:   Chose your Track

  1. Employee Development
  2. Supervisor and Managerial Training
  3. HR Development Track

Step 3:   Once you have chosen a path, under each heading you will see an example of how your development plan will look. Just below are links to download a PDF for each course.

Track A – Employee Development Track B – Supervisor and Managerial Development Track C – HR Development Track
1.     Linking People to Profits 1.     Linking People to Profits      1.     Linking People to Profits
2.     Myers Briggs Inventory or DISC 2.   Emotional Intelligence: The Heart of Leadership       2.   Behavioral     Interviewing
3.     You, Inc: Creating your Personal Brand 3.  Coaching Skills for Leaders       3.  Winning the Talent  War: Retaining the Top Performers
4.     Interpersonal Communication       4.  Managers to Leaders       4.  Emotional Intelligence: The Heart of Leadership
5.     The Power of Attitude       5.  Accountability to Increase Alignment       5.  Difficult and Persuasive Conversations
6.     Linking your work to your company’s financial health.       6.   Linking your work to your company’s financial health.       6.   Linking your work to your company’s financial health.

Step 4:   Set a Date on the Calendar

Step 5:   Test your New Acquired Knowledge

Step 6:   Understanding how you impact your company’s financials

Business Reality 102

This is the final step in realizing that your company has come full circle. not  just a 360 degree circle, but all the way around. This is a new way of thinking, understanding, communicating, and believing that each person is a net profit generator.

Using an industry specific business simulation, participants are place in managerial roles and must develop and run a financially successful business. Through their individual and group experience, topics such as supply-chain management, controlling direct and indirect expenditures, controlling EBIT dollars and managing healthy cash-flows are all explored.

This is a one day MBA program for non-financial managers and employees   



This cannot wait until you have a problem...

Finding out you have a big problem on your hands is the wrong time to decide on an action plan for your company. If even one topic appeals to you or a name came to mind, you need to act now to get your team back on track. Talent Reality 101 is more than just an idea or a "workshop" this is a way of doing business that builds "functional teams" into Net Profit Powerhouses.