Want to know what we are about? Have questions? You can ask us yourself, or see if the below facts are the answers you seek:

How does this really work?

We take your employees and turn them into business owners on teams of 4-5 people. Those people (regardless of current department) must work together to grow their business and turn a profit.

How long does this take?

One day. We like to spend some time with you and your management teams to find out what issues are most important to you. The actual program (business simulation) takes about a day. We start at 8:30am and end around 4:30pm or sooner.

What happens during the day?

We will physically show your teams why people are an incredible financial asset to your company. How "working together" isn't just a catchy motto but an actual way of life.

Financials are too difficult for everyone to "get".

This may be true. However, Talent Reality 101 aims to destroy the barrier of "scary math" and bring the reality of net profit growth to the more comfortable side of things. By the time the day is over your teams understand EBITDA, GROSS PROFIT MARGIN, TRUE PROFITABILITY  and so much more. Furthermore, they will be wondering how they functioned before knowing.