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Sometimes online, it seems that every single person on any social media platform is posting some meme about empowerment on their “wall”. I bet you can log in RIGHT NOW to your favorite platforms and see some grandiose picture of a mountain, a roller coaster, a beach… What does it say over it? Probably something about being better, stronger, quicker, calmer… all of it, empowering.

Wrapped up in the idea of empowerment is the awesome desire to be a hot blooded headstrong rebellious change agent. Merriam Webster defines empowerment as: “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.”

HONESTLY: there is a high probability no MEME can make this feeling happen for you. I would wager a bet that to say that people who put these things online are doing it as an ego boost to themselves. In some strange way YOU will feel like THEY have something YOU don’t. This is not going to empower YOU, it is to make YOU feel guilt, shame, condemnation, or like less of a person because YOU did not post such a valuable tid-bit of information. (yes that is psychotic, but social media is in fact doing this to us, passive aggressive posting – it’s a thing.)

Here are some “empowering” posts off the internet just for this blog:

·      “Being Fabulous Is The Best Revenge”

·      “Go Confidently in the Direction of your Dreams. Live the Life you’ve Imagined.”

·      “Compete with No One, You are Good Enough.”

·      “The idea is not to Step Outside of your Comfort Zone, but Have No Zones at all.”

No zones? Fabulous is revengeful? Are you really good enough? Compete with no one?

In some way, each of these, and the millions I decided against publishing, mean mediocre and a plain old vanilla life is ok….or are these posts really pushing you to keep climbing the ladder of life 2 rungs at a time? Sure, you could argue each one is a glass half full or empty type scenario. However, regardless of your attitude or disposition in life when reading said meme’s, they aren’t all that helpful and there are not really 8 steps to your best life. We all kind of have to trudge through day to day, making mistakes and learning from them, that is sorta the drill.

What if though, we really do want to empower others in our posts from time to time, and we are genuine not just propping up our own online egos? You and I probably do like to help people feel great, get better paychecks, and overcome obstacles or crummy bosses, breakups and messes left by children in permanent marker on a new white rug.

In the workplace though, what happens when those same said empowered people start to feel empowered to overcome us. Pass us even. Make manager while surpassing our seniority. Get a raise before you or other atrocities? Furthermore, just who do you think needs/deserves to be empowered? Does the guy who drives for your company, or the pickers, packers, cashier clerks? Does everyone need to be empowered or just upper management and sales teams?

Truth: as difficult as this may feel when someone gets a promotion ahead of you, everyone deserves the opportunity to grow, to be even better than they dreamed possible. However how can they do that if they don’t have all the information about their personal impact on their company. People need more than passive aggressive “uplifting memes”. People need actual interactions that lead to growth.

People need to talk. People, like your employees for example, need to work together. Not just inter-office-instant-messaging type of work together. Your employees and coworkers need to know that you as a manager/company care enough to improve their lives in the long term. That means they need to go to continuing education classes, go to trade shows, see what really happens out there. They need training that will help them be even better at their jobs over the course of their careers.

But there is one more caveat to that idea:

What about a training that helps them completely understand their place in your company, their impact on the bottom line, and how they can grow within your walls. Losing people because they feel empowered in their own career and leave because your company doesn’t seem to care about their aspirations, will only cost you money. Training, retraining, loss of tribal knowledge and so on. This is an expensive lesson to learn. Some companies have to learn this over and over and OVER again. The cost of that type of loss will probably make you want to post passive aggressive empowerment meme’s all over the internet.

Be Constructive

Instead, keep your employees AND make them profitable for you. What about the “wild” idea of empowering your employees in the right way. Currently you can send them to just about half a million different workshops, symposiums, summits, retreats and more. The problem with these ideas are, there are very few ideas that will speak to every employee regardless of their paygrade and ability. That is one of the biggest draws to Talent Reality 101.


In this scenario, everyone can sits together: your drivers to top management. Above all, everyone in the same room – learning at the same time. Then they compete against other teams, work to create profit, and experience how their job, within your company, impacts profitability. The best part, everyone will be able to talk to each other about the experience. This experience comes in the form of a game. Who doesn’t want to play a game? You probably played one on a handheld device today. Winning is fun. But what if winning That means that YOU the manager/company can now discuss things like departmental impacts on EBITDA to your people and they will KNOW what you are talking about. They won’t just KNOW they will understand fully what you are saying and be able to react, conversate, and strategize on your issue.

Education that links people and profits, it’s an amazing way to help people reach their full potential.


 For more check out this presentation on Talent Realityhttp://bit.ly/BATR101

Contact Bill.Albert@BusinessMethodologies.com and get your team talking, playing, and understanding their impact on net profit.



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