Does Investment in Engagement = Investment in Net Profit?


So what is “Employee Engagement”? The whole phrase sounds like some kind of ropes course-trust fall-coffee and doughnuts laden disaster. However, this is 2017. We are challenging this thought process and catchy consultant-ese viewpoint.

Having been around the proverbial block of consulting a time or two; I have a passion burning in my soul to help the disenfranchised employee. The amazing side effect of helping said employee(s) is the contagious results seen in net profit growth for company’s all over the word.

What all that means is:

Listen up: Your employees NEED you to NEED them (no not an 80’s song).



Employees who are engaged at work are umpteen times more productive, hence driving net profit.

Employees who are just showing up 40 hours  a week for a paycheck have NO DESIRE to do anything other than drain the coffers until you have to lay them off.

Ok so we lay them off, they didn’t deserve to be here anyway, great…then what. Who is working for you heart and soul then? Not I said the fly….

Do you want to work overtime (or overtime for free if you are salaried) just because a bunch of people on your shift or your department (yes even talking to you C-suite) don’t want to do their job….no. I doubt it seriously.



What would happen if INSTEAD of laying off your employees you invested in some hokey trust fall-ropes course-canoe trip type bonding excursion. Not only will it cost the company an arm and a leg, and be expected year after year after year….at least the company attempted engagement right?

No. That is entertainment.

All your people learn is who they can drink with and who they can’t. All will be thrilling for about a week maybe 2, ok ok, I will give you a month….but then what. Zip, Zero, Nada…no change in anything.



How about if you did something that truly gave EACH employee, even that one person you are not sure of his name out in the office that you don’t really pass but sometimes you see him or her when you have to get a fresh cup of coffee or need toner. What if that person totally and completely understood why they were at work. Or what if they each embraced the company mission and vision statements of your company.



In as little as 1 day, your entire company from the delivery drivers to C-suite can work together (no ropes course, no trust falls, no near drownings required). As I said in the beginning, this is 2017. Employee engagement is different for every one of your employees, but we have a way to get them all to understand:

  • Their personal impact on net profit
  • How to talk about and understand financials
  • Strategy
  • De-silo department tasks
  • Find out what each person is capable of

There is so much more to employee engagement than meets the eye (and more than I listed above). Don’t let another day go by wondering how to get “more” out of your payroll dollars/employee hours. Fix it. Put your money where your desire is. Engage your employees in a way that truly amplifies their abilities. Give them the knowledge to do more.


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I truly, deep in my soul, desire to help your company, as I have countless others, to find the value in each dollar you spend on your employees.


Bill Albert


Be bold, be there for your people.


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